Shifting Horizons Certification

The Shifting Horizons Certification
for advanced practitioners.

We want Shifting Horizons to be available to as many people as possible including facilitators, those doing the self-assessment for personal development, and business leaders wanting to develop people and the culture in an organisation. We hold the work of human development with integrity and respect for all persons and that learning is a social and mutual process in action.

We created this programme for those that are already certified with a Sentence Completion Test (SCT) assessment (such as the GLP, IMAP, the LDF, Stages) to become a certified Shifting Horizons facilitator. In this programme you will deepen your understanding of the action-logics assessed in Shifting Horizons, support you with attaining a high standard of practical skills and confidence to use and debrief the Shifting Horizons tool with your clients and customers, and, importantly to include you as a member of our Shifting Horizons Global Community.

For any questions or assistance, please reach out to our program coordinator, Caitlin, via email at

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Register for the
Shifting Horizons Certification
for advanced practitioners
(certified in another developmental tool)

Included in Programme:

  • Online, self-paced programme
  • 2 profiles
  • All future profile costs: 65 € + VAT 24% (if applicable)
  • Additional resources
  • Participation in the Shifting Horizons Global Community
  • Cost of Programme: 160 US $ (+VAT if applicable)

Shifting Horizons is in collaboration with the Vertical Development Institute. Please be aware that registration for this programme includes registration with the Vertical Development Institute and their online learning platform.

Certification overview