Webinar: Vertical Development in Organisational Learning

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Webinar overview
This webinar is dedicated to People & Culture decision-makers, L&D experts, program creators and facilitators and offers an introduction into the science and practice of vertical development as it applies to organisational learning.
  • Facilitator:
    Alis Anagnostakis (PhD, PCC)

What will you learn?

This webinar equips leaders and program designers to make informed decisions in creating and delivering developmentally effective L&D programs and strategies.

What vertical development is (and what it isn’t)

How can it transform the way individuals, teams and organisations learn? 

Developmental learning

Why it's crucial to balance vertical and horizontal dimensions in designing learning & development programs?

Developmental Program design

A research-based methodology for program design that incorporates both dimensions (vertical and horizontal). You'll apply this methodology to your own L&D strategy or program design plans. 
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Alis Anagnostakis

Alis is the founder of the Vertical Development Institute and a Research Fellow at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She is a leadership development facilitator, executive coach, and researcher with over 15 years of experience working with senior leaders and top teams across multiple industries, sectors and countries. 

She has dedicated her professional pursuits to supporting the development of leaders towards later stages of vertical development. Such mature leaders have been shown to thrive in midst of disruption, operate with more wisdom, build adaptive cultures and better balance the inherent polarities of profit, people, and sustainability within their businesses and beyond. 

Alis is certified by the International Coaching Federation at the PCC level, with over 3500 hours of coaching practice. She has trained leaders as professional coaches for over 7 years, with over 250 alumni graduating from her ICF accredited programs. These leaders went on to create communities of practice inside their own organisations and beyond, bridging across industries and sectors and creating ripple effects of positive change.

Alis has a Master's degree in Positive Leadership and Strategy from IE University Spain and a PhD from USC Australia, where she studied leaders’ transformation and the developmental impact of leadership programs in one of the most prestigious executive programs in Australia and NZ. 

As a researcher-practitioner, her main interest is in studying leaders at later (post-conventional) stages of development, given the global need for mental complexity at the highest levels of leadership and the dearth of existing research focusing on these mature (and still relatively rare) stages of adult development. 

Alis’ highest hope is to continue to walk the fine line between rigorous research and the practice of leadership development. She aspires to creatively cross-pollinate between these two spheres of knowledge and help bring vertical development into the mainstream of organisational learning.