Webinar: Working With Disorienting Dilemmas and Edge Emotions as Catalysts for Vertical Development

In this highly experiential webinar, we explore (and apply) the science and practice of working with disorienting dilemmas and difficult emotions as catalysts for vertical development and gateways into later stages of maturity.


  • Facilitator: Alis Anagnostakis (PhD, PCC)

What will we learn?

What are disorienting dilemmas?

Research has shown that our growth towards more maturity and wisdom is sparked when we face disorienting dilemmas - those hard moments in life when the world seems to not make sense anymore. 

The gift of Edge Emotions

With dilemmas come difficult emotions - anxiety, fear, confusion, grief, or even shame. While our instinct is to avoid, numb or bypass these hard emotions, the data shows that we could benefit from doing the exact opposite. What might happen if we allow ourselves to fully feel our hardest emotions and learn to work with them, instead of against them - turning them into levers for growth?

Key points we explore in this webinar

  • How to navigate our most challenging disorienting dilemmas in ways that foster (instead of hinder) growth
  • What 'edge emotions' are and why they are so important to vertical development
  • How to deal with these 'hard to feel' emotions in ways that empower and energise us. 
  • The role of curiosity in vertical development
  • Engage in a process of working through a personal dilemma and the accompanying emotions - to open up alternative perspectives and design an experiment that allows us to explore a new path forward.
  • If you are new to vertical development, we encourage you to watch the free webinar "Vertical Development in Coaching" as a primer to this learning (this is not a pre-requisite, just a recommendation that would help your learning). 
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