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“Alis is one of fewer than a dozen certified and highly reliable GLP scorers globally, and is currently engaged in working as leadership education expert across multiple industries and sectors. Her PhD dissertation studying a flagship Executive Leadership Program in Australia and NZ is quite simply the most sophisticated and comprehensive study in the world at present — in theoretical, methodological, and practical terms — about how to support ‘vertical’ leadership development and organisational transformation.” 
WILLIAM TORBERT, Professor Emeritus at Boston College. 

“Alis' work has brought clarity to how we support leaders in developing their inner capacities to exercise more wisdom. Her work is generating rare and valuable evidence-based approaches to constructing leadership education programs with measurable impacts in accelerating psychological maturity. We need more peer-reviewed contributions such as hers in this field - without which practitioners would be left to continue guesswork.”
MIKE VIEROW, GM Transformation at Virgin Australia; formerly Dean of McKinsey Academy Australia & NZ. 

Alis fosters an environment in which not only are the concepts of adult development and coaching taught, but they are practiced, in real time, by the students and teacher alike.
If you are seeking to engage in deep self- and other-reflection while becoming proficient in the skills to coach others in this way, the thoughtfully-curated, research-based, practically-oriented Foundation Diploma in Developmental Coaching may be for you.
Developmental Researcher,
Author of Fallback Theory and the book "Leaving the Ghost Light Burning:
Illuminating Fallback in Embrace of the Fullness of You".
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At VDI we are committed to democratising personal and professional growth by making learning accessible to participants in the government, education and NFP sectors - the people who often give so much (and so selflessly) to communities and are often locked out of learning because of prohibitive costs.

For this audience we offer scholarships on an ‘energy-exchange’ basis. Here's how that works:

You share with what your work in the above-mentioned sectors is and how you plan to use the program. Then you tell us, in good faith, what you can contribute to the cost of the program you would like to attend. Choose a contribution significant enough to help you value the learning (and motivate you to put in the work) and affordable enough to not be a burden on your finances. We commit to covering the rest.

When you apply for scholarships, please use your work email address. 

What an inspiring learning journey! 

The combination of uncovering the nearly limitless possibilities of VD, clear explanations of scientific literature, an invitation to sustained reflective practice, Alis' enthusiasm and expertise, engaging group mentoring sessions, and relevant and easy-to-implement tools makes this developmental journey an unforgettable and transformative experience.

I can only encourage you to embark on this inspiring path of development from which I emerged changed and eager to discover more


Executive Coach and Supervisor, Professor, Researcher in Coaching 

A new perspective on Vertical Development

Before this course, I viewed vertical development as a linear journey. The program revealed its complexity, enriching my coaching with immediate, applicable insights and visibly impacting my clients' growth.

Unique in its approach, it masterfully integrates vertical development into coaching practices, marking a significant leap in my professional evolution. 

Brandon Jenkins

Executive Coach

A developmental pathway to understanding self and others

This course is by far one of the best courses I've completed over the decades. Module after module, one is guided inside the Self, simultaneously illuminating the outside world and years-long relationships with family, friends, and clients.

The course has also consolidated many other previous learnings into one new whole. Although I have completed the course, I feel that my curiosity has been stimulated to keep learning more about myself and others—the never-ending process of unpacking humans.


Executive Coach